United States Ship Miller (FF-1091), Newport, RI

Assistant Supply Officer, 1981-1984
Managed ship’s disbursing, services, and food services divisions.

  • Directed payroll office that was accountable for $1,250,000 in annual disbursements; introduced innovative payroll system that saved the ship’s crew over 400 manhours during bi-monthly payday.
  • Managed staff of five in ship’s services division:
    • increased ship’s store profits by 33% (to $35,000 annually) and doubled inventory turnover despite 50% reduction in crew size;
    • overhauled ship’s store, laundry, and barber shop which led to high grades in annual management inspection.
  • Oversaw 14 person food services operation which attained runner-up position for best small afloat operation in the Atlantic Fleet.
  • Supervised 35 member department in personnel and administrative affairs.