St. Vincent’s Hospital and Medical Center, New York, NY

Hired as Information Services Manager for the Department of Psychiatry. Managed development and operation of all departmental information systems. Recruited to join Hospital Information Services Department as Project Manager.

Project Manager, 1990 – 1992
Recruited to join hospital information systems department to support hospital systems projects

  • Prepared pro forma financial and cash flow statements in support of hospital systems acquisitions.
  • Conducted studies of hospital operations – admissions and diagnostic reports paper flows – and authored findings.
  • Formulated proposal for medical records tracking system that analyzed requirements, products, and solutions.

Information Services Manager, 1986 – 1989
Managed development and operation of information systems for department of psychiatry.

  • Directed five person staff in data processing for department and production of all management reports.
  • Designed, programmed, and implemented information system for Department of Psychiatry that:
    • Captured 40,000 annual outpatient visits;
    • Maintained clinical, administrative, and financial information on over 1,000 outpatients;
    • Produced required medical records and insurance documentation;
    • Reduced monthly report cycle time from 2 weeks to 1 day.
  • Assisted professional staff with research design, statistical analysis, and presentation preparation.