Here’s a brief rundown of my career:

I attended Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute (RPI) in Troy, NY on a full four-year Naval Reserve Officer Training Corps Scholarship and was commissioned as an Ensign in the Navy upon graduation with a BS in Computer Science.

After a six-month training assignment at the Naval Supply Corps School in Athens, GA, I reported to the United States Ship Miller (FF-1091) in Newport, RI. I served as Assistant Supply Officer for two years and ran the Disbursing, Ship’s Services, and Food Services Divisions.

I was then transferred to the Military Traffic Management Command, Eastern Area, in Bayonne, NJ. While there, I was special project officer for office automation and reported to Deputy Commander. It was my responsibility to manage the introduction of office automation to this large Army Command. After this assignment, I resigned my active duty Navy commission and joined the reserves.

I then started work at St. Vincent’s Hospital and Medical Center in New York City. I was the manager for the information services area of the Department of Psychiatry and was responsible for all the data processing functions of that Department. During that time, I attended graduate business school at New York University and received my MBA in Finance after two and a half years.

I was then recruited to join the hospital’s IT Department to work as a project manager. I supported the department by preparing analyses and proposals in support of hospital IT system acquisitions and implementations. During that time, I was recalled back to active duty in support of Operations Desert Shield and Desert Storm. I worked for my former Army command as a systems analyst helping to manage the flow of cargo and equipment to and from Saudi Arabia.

After over a year of active duty I returned briefly to St. Vincent’s before assuming a project management position in West Orange, NJ with MICRO Healthsystems, a small healthcare IT vendor whose primary product was MedTake, a bedside charting system for hospitals. It was my first exposure to electronic health records and I worked on the client services side of the house.

After MICRO Healthsystems, I joined SANUS Health Plan in Queens, NY as the first operations manager for their Medicare and Medicaid product lines. My primary responsibility there was managing the enrollment and membership processing functions. I then followed my manager from SANUS to join a HealthFirst, start-up Medicaid HMO in New York. I worked there for three years, starting their IT operations and then running their Enrollment Department.

I then was asked (not ordered) to return to active duty in the Navy at the Naval Supply Systems Command in Harrisburg, PA. I worked there for three years as a project manager running a supply system replacement project for a dozen domestic and overseas air stations. I retired from the Navy Reserves and then headed south to my current home, Richmond, VA.

I came to Richmond to work for the Department of Medical Assistance Services (DMAS), the Medicaid agency for the Commonwealth of Virginia. I worked there for three years as a project management consultant helping them successfully manage the replacement of their Medicaid Management Information System (MMIS).

After that, I returned briefly to the Navy in Harrisburg as a contractor in their Automatic Identification Technology (AIT) Office helping them to manage the introduction of Radio- Frequency Identification (RFID) technology into their supply operations.

I then went to work for the North Carolina Office of MMIS Services (OMMISS) in Raleigh, NC in a project management role similar to that which I performed for DMAS – assisting them in managing the replacement of their MMIS. That project was cancelled, but little did I know that I would return to the MMIS project in North Carolina.

I then went to work for ShouldersCorp, a small company assisting the Department of Defense Clinical Program Technology Office (CITPO) in Falls Church, VA with their efforts to integrate health information between the military’s health systems and that of the Department of Veterans Affairs. I worked as a systems engineer, and it was my second exposure to electronic health records technology.

After that, I returned to Richmond to assume a job with Affiliated Computer Services (ACS). I was recruited by some folks I had worked with in Raleigh to work as a Senior Systems Development Specialist in support of their Medicaid systems implementations.

After a year and a half with ACS, I was recruited by some other folks I had met in Raleigh to return down there to work for Computer Sciences Corporation (CSC), who had just won the second contract to replace the NC MMIS. I worked for CSC for four and a half years in Raleigh helping to lead the operations development effort for the new system.

Just this year I returned to Richmond to work with Magellan Health Systems in support of their implementation of the Arkansas pharmacy implementation. I have promised my family that I’m done with my road travels and that’s what I intend to do.

Thanks for your time.